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Date of incorporation
# of NC Roanoke River Counties
MOU with
Roanoke River Mayors Association
# of Roanoke River Member Towns
# of annual overnight campers
1200 +
Cost of an overnight stay?
$25 and up
Purchase of RRP's Historic
Rosenwald River Center
Estimated annual regional impact
Over 600K
Cost of an annual RRP membership?
$35 and up
Value of YOUR support
for this grassroots initiative
The North Carolina 100 Topics of Intrigue
Read about Roanoke River Partners in 100 word stories and 100 second videos on topics of intrigue.  Visit Website

NC East Alliance Features Roanoke River Partners' Story
Roanoke River Partners celebrated it's 20th year on April 3rd, 2017.  Read more

NC’s 6 Best Paddle-Camping Platforms.
Twelve years in the making, there are now 40 camping platforms in eastern North Carolina, providing paddlers a place to pitch with a tent in an otherwise wet landscape.  Read more

Roanoke River Paddle Trail featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine
Canoe & Kayak Magazine, the #1 Paddlesports resource for canoeing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting features Destination: Roanoke River Paddle Trail on-line. April 2015)  Visit Website

The lure of the Roanoke
by Bill Howard for North Carolina Sportsmen Magazine, August 29, 2014 - Read this account of sportsman using our Roanoke River camping platforms to get close to nature.  Read more...

The Chicago Tribune Features Story About Camping on the Roanoke River
Check out our latest national press coverage in the Travel Section of The Chicago Tribune, "Rolling along the River" by Steve Chapman  Read more...

Cashie Self-Guided Paddle Tour
Joe Huff takes us from 6500 B.C. to today down 25 miles of fascinating geology and history and, oh yeah, tea-colored, glassy peacefulness! Download it; read it, then break out the canoe or kayak try this one yourself (with friends!) Make a weekend of it and take advantage of the great camping platforms (Lost Boat and Otter One) along the way!  Read more…

Discovering a Gem at Home!
Before Chris Miller began his dental career in rural Alaska and Carl Boland went back to finish his masters degree at Wake Forest, the two spent a few May days and nights exploring the lower Roanoke... and discovered a real treasure.  Read more...

Tillery Campsite is a First!
An historic site, spectacular river views, sheltered and open decks, a fire ring, dry land for additional tents, and additional road access all make this new RRP campsite a great spot for groups or individuals.  Read more...

Ever Try an "Owl Call" Wakeup?
Judy Jessop and friends paddle Conaby Creek and enjoy the barred owl show.  Read more...

Beyond the Roanoke...
Hidden Lake, off the Albemarle Sound, and Holladay's Island in the Chowan River add five new paddle/camping experiences to eastern North Carolina. And you can reserve any of them here!  Read more...

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