Roanoke River Partners, Inc.
is pleased to announce the development of
The Roanoke River Underground Railroad Trail

A rural development initiative embracing the
abundant natural resources & the rich cultural heritage
of the Roanoke River Region

In addition to the development of an enhanced regional trail map
which features African American assets related to the Roanoke River’s
Underground Railroad history, this initiative will include:
UGRR signage, passports/stamps, and related community events.

The partners engaged in this project are actively seeking new partnerships
to contribute to the overall success of this development.

For more information, contact:
Carol Shields with RRP
Email: Phone: 252-798-3920
Rose Railey with USFWS
Email: Phone: 252-794-3808, Ext. 102

Project Partners
NC network of roads, rivers, ports and sites crucial
to enslaved African Americans seeking freedom

This project was made possible through a generous
Ribbon of Hope Grant from the NC GlaxoSmithKline Foundation